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Here are some Handy Health Hints

Hi folks. I think it's about time I shared some of my journey to better health, and hopefully from it you could glean some information that could benefit you. I have had to deal with a number of health issues - due to being in a car accident when young - operations and more. I used to be seeing the doctor frequently - one wonderful employer paid for my medical insurance - so that I wouldn't linger in going to see the doctor!! Doctors/ hospital stays/ drugs - oh boy. Okay - time to get the editor/auditor in me to work !!! No medication of any sort - food is my medicine ... and it has to be the right food. I cannot have any painkillers as they cause dreadful problems - so I have to take really good care of myself.... and yes - it can be done.

Here are some of the issues I have had success in getting on top of....

Arthritis: firstly went off all in the nightshade family: ie, potatoes, tomatoes. rhubarb. bell peppers, cayenne pepper, paprika. Also went off kumara, and yams. Having done that for a period of 3 weeks, I re-introduced only 1 of them - if pain and inflammation returned would stop having that - did this 3 times with each in the list. All caused pain and inflammation. So never to eat again.

Cancer: for starters - cut out deadly sugar and it's equally bad substitutes. Xylitol and stevia are okay..... but best if you can do without them too.

Coughs, cold, flu, hayfever: Can be avoided with the following - Sodium Ascorbate ( a version of Vitamin C ) generally up to 1 tsp per day in some water - sipped during the day. Manuka Honey. Should you get the beginnings of one of the ailments - try Colloidal Silver sprayed in throat and nostrils, or tsp manuka honey in steaming water breathed in (under a towel is good)

Cramp: Increased magnesium. Began having 2 unripe bananas a day. Seldom get cramp - but if do - straight away sprinkle a little Redmond Real Salt under the tongue - and bye bye cramp.

Diverticular disease: If you have had any operation in the area of the trunk of your body - then you are likely to get this problem - figures are around 80% and then 80% of those are likely to get diverticulitis. Found that the following caused problems - cabbage, silverbeet, seeds and skin of fruits - in fact it was anything that could not be chewed up to the softest of soft fine pulp before swallowing, could get stuck - and if stuck - infection could set in ( especially if you have no spleen or your immune system is compromised in any other way )

Gut problems and so many other problems as well: I have just recently, on reading a very good book... found out that the problem is the lectins in certain foods... never knew about lectins so many years ago when found I had to stop eating certain things because they hurt my gut and more. Dr Steve Gundry has got to the root cause of so many many illnesses......... I HIGHLY recommend that all read The Plant Paradox - the Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain. Some things I cut out up to 25years ago - and many more in recent years... and yes my health improved so much. Now getting to work on eliminating the rest !!!!

Infections - all sorts of - including urinary tract, diverticulitis:permanently and completely, cut sugar from the diet. This includes having no biscuits or cake or lollies - nothing at all that has sugar in it. Infections can usually be avoided with having a few teaspoons 10+ Manuka Honey per day - but if look like getting an infection have 16+ Manuka Honey. Safe alternatives to sugar are also stevia or xylitol.

Migraines: Made sure sitting correctly - especially in front of computer ( working in accountancy meant hours in front of the screen) - kept head directly erect over the shoulders. Avoid working under fluorescent lighting, and these days under LED lights. Also with now big use of cellphones for many people - again keep head erect over the shoulders. And be aware of blue light from the screens.

Painful tendons: rub in Frankincense ( Boswellia Serrata) with a really good coconut oil. I personally use Ancient Wisdom - and would recommend it's use, to everyone - it is available at CoconutOilShop.co.nz

It's best not to microwave food - as for starters it kills the enzymes in the food - and you need them alive !!

Once again: I HIGHLY recommend that all read Dr Steve Gundry's book "The Plant Paradox - the Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain". This is a very easy read book - full of good information - things that we all should get to know about.

Let's get ourselves well, with the right food being eaten.

I will add more to this as time allows. If you wish to have a discussion on any of these then please let me know. I do not charge for short times spent helping you along the right track.

And most recently - I have been reminded that if you have an injury or strain to a hand or wrist - and you live in the Wairarapa - or even in Wellington area - then get to see Cuong Truong the Hand Therapist in Greytown.......... ph 0800 444 100. He is brilliant at Hand Therapy - and a really nice chap as well !!